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25-26 JUNE 2021 | VIRTUAL



Sessions are live on June 25 and 26. All registrants will have access to the full conference recording on demand for up to two weeks after the conference.

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About the Conference

Discovering the Child is an annual global conference that convenes more than 10,000 educators, parents, caregivers, guardians, and advocates across the world to engage in conversations on topics of education, child development, and Montessori education.

Maria Montessori approached her work with children as a scientist would, through experimenting, collaborating, observing, and noting factual results. She often introduced new activities for the children under her care to engage with and then sat back to see if they would make real discoveries, if the activity would draw them in repeatedly or become mundane when the novelty wore off, if they led them connect prior learning. All of this led to a scientific understanding of children and their natural tendencies. ​


The conference honors Maria Montessori by continuing this work, as we engage, observe, compare results, listen, and learn about the child on the constant quest of Discovering the Child together as a community.​



Timely & Timeless

Montessori's groundbreaking work is the result of a lifetime of persistence and resilience in the face of challenging personal circumstances as well as some of modern history's most trying times—she witnessed World Wars and economic collapses. She knew people were heroic and could overcome anything, and to ignite the needed seismic shifts of her time she channelled her work with the children as a great hope for the future so spent her life's work discovering the child.​

It is no surprise that her methodology both instills the value of this resilience she embodied and is resilient on its own. What have we needed most this past year and looking towards our future? This resilience again. As Montessori modelled for us, our own focused effort to understand children and provide them circumstances to reach their full potential future will lead us to emerge from the crutches of the pandemic into vibrant and connected life once again. ​


The approach is Timely and Timeless. ​



The conference will go around the world for 24 hours. To view the full schedule, click and open the following PDF. To view schedule in your time zone, visit our registration website where the schedule will be automatically adjusted to your local time.

Discovering the Child Schedule


This is not a typical virtual conference. There will be 15+ live workshops and activities and lots of networking opportunities. You’ll be able to socialize and make new contacts with people from around the world through our virtual speed networking. Just because the conference is online, doesn't mean you shouldn't be able to mingle. And keep your eyes peeled, as there will be plenty of free giveaways!


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Ten Tips for Parents to Raise a Montessori Baby with Love, Respect, and Understanding  

A virtual workshop with co-authors of The Montessori Baby, a guide for parents who want to learn how to nurture their babies from dependent to collaborative beings. 

Simone Davies and Junnifa Uzodike, authors of The Montessori Baby 

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This art appreciation workshop is designed for children ages 7-12 and adults who want to learn the magic of connecting children to art. You will immerse yourself into the story of a wonderful artwork and use your imagination and thinking skills to figure out what is happening. 

Luc Travers, Museum Interpretation at Louise Wells Cameron Art Museum,Teacher at Touching the Art

Art Appreciation for Children

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Montessori Wine Tasting

This wine tasting draws upon the key principles of Montessori pedagogy to deepen your understanding of wine. It emphasizes independence, values individuality, and is presented by a teacher whose job is to guide, not lead. 

Melissa McElhill, AMI-certified educator and former wine buyer 


Speed networking

Anytime during the conference, you can enter the Speed Networking room on our conference platform where the system will randomly match you to another attendee for a 5-minute 1-on-1 video chat. You will get a chance to make connections with people from all over the world.

Introduction to Montessori class

The Prepared Montessorian will deliver its most popular 2-hour Introduction to Montessori class twice during the conference - one in English and one in Mandarin Chinese. This is a great opportunity for anyone who wants to learn more about Montessori. Check out the course description here.

Virtual Job Fair

Looking for a job or simply exploring career opportunities in Montessori? You can check out our virtual job fair booth by our conference partners. Schedule an interview in advance and land a job at the conference. You will receive more information on how to apply in advance to the conference day.


Scavenger Hunt

Thanks to our amazing partners, we are offering a lot of giveaways and prizes to our participants. Join a virtual scavenger hunt and find the treasures hidden in all the virtual booths and win a gift.


We will run many raffles throughout the conference. You can participate by submitting an answer to a quiz question on social media, or simply visiting a partner's booth to enter the raffle.



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