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Parenting Influencer, Wellness Expert, Certified Nutritionist 




April Laugh is a published author, fitness coach, and certified nutritionist. She designs fitness programs and nutrition courses which focus on the development of healthy habits for life, supported by a fierce community of women.


She’s committed to helping people lose weight and live healthy lives through her online platforms. She has helped thousands of people from over 25 countries on the #LifestyleChangeWithApril program to improve their health, get fit and make a permanent lifestyle change. 


When April is not creating new healthy smoothie recipes or consulting with her clients, April is visiting new places with her husband and two children or reading a new book. 

You can read more about her and find her on all social media channels: @fitmrsfats

Win at Weaning Your Baby 
11:00am - 12:00pm ET | 4-5pm London time June 26th
This workshop is a step by step approach to baby-led and traditional methods of weaning. I’ll be sharing how I weaned my two babies and what I learnt with Bryan to make Flo a better eater. I’ll also share one of Flo’s favourite recipes with her eating. 
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