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Educator in Sensory Integration and Montessori

As an Architect, I understand the value of a good foundation, and the process of planning and consistency in the journey to build a robust building; Sensory Integration and primary reflexes do the same in the life of a child. With a good foundation the child is able to explore, enjoy, and learn academic skills. 


Learning and sharing about Sensory Integration is my passion, it has been an eye opening to see education differently. Organizing the senses and the maturation of primary reflexes is essential in the first three years in the life cycle of a human being, to effectively avoid or reduce a dysfunction. It is the groundwork for learning and good behavior. 

Maria Montessori’s medical point of view allowed her to understand how the body works and how the brain is designed to operate, her method should guide us and bring our attention to the senses through the amazing experience of observation, it is the beginning of understanding ourselves, of how our bodies are designed and need from each other to function in our full capacity. Our own body craves for unity, it’s something the child needs in order to enjoy a prepared environment through a well prepared teacher.


The Wonder Years 0-3 

Sensory Integration in the child is something we don't hear unless we need an intervention. But what if we are missing the link that enables a child to absorb his environment, that allows him to learn, normalize and use his creativity to do new things. Learning about sensory integration is an eye opening and a tool to guide not only the child in our classroom but the parents at home. Maria Montessori expressed that we start education late, we should start in the womb.

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