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President, Montessori Europe


Montessori training, more than 35 year ago, gave Barbara the opportunity to share what she has learned with children and adults and parents.  She has had the privilege of running a nursery school, training Montessori teachers, leading a team of knowledgeable and dedicated Montessori colleagues in developing new courses, publishing a magazine, organising conferences, representing Montessori at government and international level.  She has written articles and a couple of books. Her two children also benefitted from what she has gained from all these professional and personal experiences.

In her role as the President of Montessori Europe and co-founder of Montessori Musings she hopes to encourage the current and new generation of early years educator in searching for the essence of childhood by helping them nurture the joy of  play and learning, trust and respect for all children and communities, and care and love for the riches of our beautiful planet. 


Following the Child: The Heart of Montessori Education

What do, so often heard Montessori phrases, ‘following the child’, ‘nurturing the spirit’, ‘giving children and young people voice and agency’ mean today?  

How have the recent world events and fast emerging artificial intelligences affected the children of today?  What does Montessori education offer the children of today in preparation for tomorrow? How relevant is the sustainability agenda to Montessori’s vision of cosmic education? What contribution does the European Montessori community make to the current global interest in Montessori education? 

Join Wendelien Bellinger and Barbara Isaacs, members of the Board of Montessori Europe, in conversation as they explore these questions, and invite you to ask some more.


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