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AMI Trainer Administrator Course

Bill has been involved in the field of education for over 40 years. His first role after completing his first university degree in education was to be thrown into the deep end taking on a head of school/teacher position in a small rural school in the US. Since this early leadership experience, he has served in a variety of different education positions in both public and private schools. Bill has also worked in schools in various countries around the world, including Colombia, New Zealand and for the past 25 years in Australia. He became interested in school reform early in his career, working on approaches to teaching and learning which enhanced children’s self-awareness and personal development. 


Bill eventually found a leadership position at a dynamic Montessori school near Bondi Beach, Sydney, where he served as Principal for over 13 years. His most recent work includes co-authoring the AMI Administrator’s Course syllabus and leading the programme planning for the upcoming International Montessori Congress 2022 in Bangkok Thailand. He is an Administrator Course Trainer presenting around the world. Bill has spent more than 25 years of his career as a head of school, 10 years classroom teaching and 3 years as a school counsellor. He has four children living around the globe and two beautiful granddaughters living in Kodiak, Alaska.

Leading a Montessori Transformation in Schools

Many passionate leaders around the world are eagerly wanting to open Montessori schools, or wish to make major quality improvements in existing schools. This is a welcomed movement that may start as a ripple, then increase to a wave, but too often the reality brings many dreams crashing down. 


This presentation will focus primarily on working with your educators to create a school of inspired, passionate, and skilled classroom practitioners. The educators, we will assume, are at the core of any successful education program. Whether the educator comes to our school with glowing qualifications or not, our role is to embed a growth mindset amongst our adults and to take them on a group journey as well as towards individual transformation. 


You will not only hear some theory about adult development, you will also be inspired by Maria Montessori’s unique considerations for the Prepared Adult as a guide to the child travelling through life. Practical suggestions on how to transform your schools through a focus on the educator will give participants some easy to implement tools.

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