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Museum Interpretation at Louise Wells Cameron Art Museum,Teacher at Touching the Art

Luc Travers is the author of Touching The Art: A Guide to Enjoying Art at a Museum which teaches the reader to how to experience the visual arts through an engaging and emotionally powerful method. Over his 15-year teaching career, he has taught and created curriculum for literature and art appreciation to elementary junior high, and high school students. He has led art museum tours at over thirty museums in the world (including the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Getty Center, the Louvre, and the Vatican museums). He currently operates Literature At Our House, a suite of online literature and art appreciation classes for homeschool students of all ages. He also works at the Cameron Art Museum where he trains the museum’s docents. And he develops art appreciation curriculum for Guidepost Elementary students.


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"Bringing Art to Life"
Art appreciation is often thought of as an elective that allows for some students, who might be interested, to be creative. However, the value of art appreciation goes far beyond exercising creativity. Like reading literature, “reading” artworks leads to a deeper understanding of humanity and one’s self. And it’s especially powerful for elementary-aged children. In this session, you will experience one of these innovative art appreciation lessons and see how riveting and deeply meaningful the visual arts can be. We will then discuss the method behind these lessons, including “reading” techniques and the role of empathy. Throughout the presentation you’ll hear stories from the classroom on how students—whether they liked art to start with or not—responded to the lessons.I'll be talking about my approach to art appreciation for elementary students, with an emphasis on the techniques for helping students personally connect with artworks by empathizing with the characters in a narrative artwork. 
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