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Founder of Vivi Art School

• 2016 "Express my faith to you" exhibit, DEHEART Contemporary Art Center, Shanghai


Group exhibition

• 2020 Joint Exhibition, JW Marriott Hotel, Shanghai

• 2019 Tiandihe, Venue, Shanghai

• 2019 Mobile Mind Museum, MUSEU&M, Shanghai

• 2018 JAALA International Exchange Exhibition 2018, Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, Tokyo

• 2018 Love Hate Li International Contemporary Art Group Exhibition, Wing Tree Space, Shanghai

• 2018 Stars  Gorgeous Reappearance, Jing'an District Cultural Center, Shanghai

• 2017 Easy Life and Death, Tongji University Art Museum, Shanghai

• 2016 Lu Shihui, 50 Champs Elysées, Paris

• 2015 Recall, Shaw Old House, Shanghai

Participate in book creation

• 2016 The Beauty of Kyoto, Published by Shanghai Museum

• 2019 Collection of Children's Stories, published by Shanghai China Welfare Association

• 2020 Little Monsters on Da Keding, published by Shanghai Zhongfuhui


【Damushu】Introduction to Children's Art Studio

The founder and principal Mr. Chen Weirui, graduated from the China Academy of Art, engaged in contemporary art and children's picture book creation. He is good at comprehensive materials, photography and multimedia art. In 2017, he held a personal contemporary art exhibition----【Express my faith to you】 , Causing varying degrees of repercussions inside and outside the circle. Today, he insists on his own artistic creation every year and participates in major exhibitions at home and abroad. Through decades of art research and practice, we have developed a "theme course + professional training course + art and humanities small class package" that runs through [big wood skills] for multiple ages. I hope to integrate avant-garde contemporary art into children's art enlightenment, give children a warm and creative art education, and enhance children's artistic aesthetics, imagination, exploration, creation, communication and other abilities. In the continuous edification, the children are given a sense of happiness brought by art.

"'Drawing Out your Child's Creativity and Imagination" (CN)

We help foster children's conception of "art", not the hard technical skills of "art". The two seem to be the same, but they are completely different in teaching philosophy. "Art" is a process from the inside to the outside, while the technical side of "fine art" is the result from the outside to the inside.

Turning the "home" into "art gallery". There is no good or bad art, and there is no right or wrong. But when a child shows you a piece of work, he must dare to “praise”. What the painting looks like is not the criterion for judging. The “height” of art is often the emotional expression of the moment when it is unrestrained. "When the children's works are hung up, the children's self-confidence, observation and creativity are continuously improved invisibly. At the same time, they successfully validate their emotions.

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