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The Prepared Montessorian, Montessori Mentor

Previous Roles:

Singapore Eton house International Education Group

Eton kids International Education Group

Greentown Education Group

Australia Montessori Academy Group

Has an international teaching background

  • AMI0-3 international certificate and Montessori Diploma

  • AMS2.5-6 international certificate

  • Overseas training and work experiences in Singapore, the United States and Australia

Shadow Wang has more than 12 years of experience in teaching management and operation of international kindergartens and high-end bilingual daycare centers and has accumulated 8 years of Montessori teaching professional trainer qualifications.

Online Course: Introduction to Montessori 2-hours (CN)

Learn about how Montessori works and what makes the Montessori educational experience unique. You'll see educational goals presented in a new light, learn how the Montessori methodology came to be, and understand the adult's role in aiding childhood development.

One of The Prepared Montessori's most popular courses globally, this course is ideal for anyone new to Montessori and who wants to learn more.

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