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Special Needs Educator

A teacher who always puts himself in children’s shoes

A trainer with rich practical experience on the front line

Now contributing himself in Jinping Early Childhood Education Group

Has been pursuing advanced studies in inclusive education and autism rehabilitation education since 2013

Mommy Philosophy's learner

Jinan representative of Huawen International Association for the Enlightenment of Science

Helping Children with Special Needs Thrive Panel (CN)
"Integration for Children with Special Needs"

My practice has proven that inclusive education is the best way to rehabilitate children with autism. Instead of having to go through 8-10 intervention training sessions a day at a rehab facility, where these young children are being painfully coached, instructed, and taught, they just need one-on-one sessions for an hour a day. The rest of the time they should be integrated into kindergartens like other children, with the assistance from a special education teacher, so that they can live and learn in an ordinary kindergarten with ordinary children.

In this natural community environment, they will make significant progress in their core disorder social skills naturally. And children on the autism spectrum who grow up in an inclusive educational environment are nothing like the stereotypically trained children on the spectrum in rehab facilities. You could see light and their soul in their eyes.

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