Montessori Educator

Music Education, Jiangsu Education College

·High school music teacher qualification certificate

·Kindergarten teacher qualification certificate

·Kindergarten principal qualification certificate

·The first phase of AMI China 3~6 Montessori Teacher Qualification Certification

·AMI China Phase 4 Montessori Teacher Qualification Certification for 0~3 Years Old

·Trained from AMI 3-6 trainer Shanoon, 0-3 trainer Qia qia

·Under the tutelage of Marlene Barron, former chairman of AMS and 36 trainer

·Former teaching supervisor and internal trainer in East China of Eaton International Education Group

·AMI affiliated associations and Montessori Children's Research Institute, Beijing Training Center, Chongqing Training Center, Shenzhen Training Center 3 to 6 years old Montessori course senior translator and oral translation

·0~3 years old course assistant of AMI Beijing Training Center

·Founder of Hannah Children's Home

·Founder of Hannah Teachers

Helping Children with Special Needs Thrive Panel (CN)