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Clinical Psychologist and Parenting Influencer

  • Clinical Psychologist with over 500k followers on Social Media.

  • Studied psychology in China Normal University; Ph.D. in Applied Psychology, Beijing Normal University.

  • Clinical psychologist, mindfulness trainer and psychological consultant with 25 years of experience.

  • Founder of Wake-up Life Academy.

  • Chief expert of mental health aid of China Children and Teenager's Fund.

  • Chief Trainer of Parent Education School of China Women's Development Foundation.

  • Participated in 46 domestic and international TV media programs as a relationship expert and psychologist.

  • 8 spiritual books co-published.

  • Special contributor to more than 20 newspapers and media.

  • A heart-warming spiritual & life coach and Psychosomatic healer who spans several disciplines.

  • With 25 years of experience in education and training, brand consulting, face-to-face and online consulting, she's committed to helping hundreds of millions of Chinese people understand life, be themselves, learn to love, live wisely, and have a rich, loving and successful life.

  • Winner of Ta Kung Pao 2015 Most Beautiful Woman Award, Baidu News 2018 Annual Power Star, Black Apple Outstanding Teacher Award, etc.


Building Intimate Parent-Child Relationship Lays the Solid Foundation For a Child's Future (CN)


1. The child is a mirror that objectively reveals the adult.

2. Far underestimated attachment styles and the influence of family of origin.

3. Building intimate relationships to set children up for success.

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