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Montessori Inspired Mom and Chemical Biologist 



Rachael is a Chemical Biologist and a Montessori-inspired mom of 6-year-old and 2-year-old boys. She is originally from the Philippines and currently living in Japan, working full time as a researcher in a Japanese research institute. When her eldest was 3 years old, she learned about Montessori and started implementing it at home. She also shares her full time working mom life in her public Instagram account, connecting to other full time working moms who try to implement Montessori at home.

“The Working Momtessorian”

Is Montessori at home possible even when you and your child aren’t at home for the most part of the day? Is it possible to implement Montessori even if your kids go to a non-Montessori daycare and traditional school? In this talk, I will share my personal journey on how we managed to raise a child amidst the chaos of graduate school while living in a foreign country. I will also share how Montessori has helped us at home with both kids going to daycare and elementary school.

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