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Montessori Educator and Certified Trainer of Infant Massage

MBA Management Master, Anglia Ruskin University, UK​

Child Education Department, Aoyama College, Japan​

Child Education Research at Aoyama College in Japan​

Italy Perugia International Montessori Education and Training Center​

AMI International Montessori certified teacher 0-3 years old​

AMI International Montessori 3-6 years old certified teacher​

International Infant Touch and Massage Professional Lecturer​

(International Institute of Infant Massage U.S.A)​

Under the tutelage of Ms. Maria Mathias and Dr. Virginia L. Laadt Ryder​

NLP Professional Executive /Teacher Chen Weishen​

Senior kindergarten principal in Taiwan​

Parent-child education consulting tutor​

Infant Space Environment Design Consultant​

Parent-child touch and family connection mentor​

Montessori (0-3 years old/3-6 years old) education consultant

Connecting with Infants Through Touch- Laying the Blessing of a Lifetime
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