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Montessori Institute of education, Xavier University  (USA)  Master of Education, Qualified international sensory integration education (SII)   

  • ·2002-2008   Family education consultant and director of Taiwan Delai Smart Development Center   

  • ·2009      The World Montessori Congress in Asia    Interpreter and host   

  • ·2011-2014   The Parent Education and Guidance school of DongYang,Zhejiang    Trainer

  • ·2012      Xavier University (USA)  Leadership seminar    Course interpretation   

  • ·2014       Shanghai East Education College (China)     Trainer

  • ·2014-2015   The future of Yongzhen Foundation   Sensory integration expert tutor   

  • ·2015      The Montessori Conference in Shanghai   Chairman and host 

  • ·2015/2016   International Workshop of Positive Discipline  Interpretation 

  • · In China ,had 370 Parent education lectures and teacher workshops in over 100 different cities 

  • ·2017     Zhengzhou Zhiliao Children’s Rehabilitation Hospital,He Nan   Director of Montessori rehabilitation center   

  • ·2018      ZhiLiao Rehabilitation Medicine Continuing Education College   Special lecturer

Helping Children with Special Needs Thrive Panel (CN)
"Meeting the needs of children with special needs from the perspective of children's physical and mental health"
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