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Montessori Educator, Trainer of Ancona Educational Materials

Mrs. Lin Ji Ping is an international Montessori AMI 3-6 years old qualified teacher and the teaching director for Ancona Montessori. She has helped Montessori teachers from all over China and the United States, Britain, France, Canada as well as other countries to master the local Chinese language teaching. She has taught and trained over 6000 students.

Asia Language Development Acquisition

Interpretation of children's language learning strategies from a global perspective 1. Use Montessori to learn Chinese Pinyin to pave the way for children to learn independently. 2. In the scientific, systematic and interesting learning process, let children enjoy the Chinese language.



How to make children fall in love with learning Chinese native language? 1. The foundation of Montessori language development in Ancona 2. The guiding steps and essentials of Chinese pinyin and Chinese characters 3. Montessori language helps young children to take root and release their huge potential

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