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Director of Innovation, Public Montessori in Action

Elizabeth has been a Montessori educator for 35 years. She worked in both Springfield Public Schools and Hartford Public Schools building public Montessori programs, implementing systems to support all children through the Child Study process, and developing the art of Montessori Coaching. For six years, she worked at the National Center for Montessori in the Public Sector leading school start-ups, designing Child Study trainings, and bringing the Montessori coaching method to hundreds of schools across the country. Elizabeth's book Montessori in Action: Building Resilient Montessori Schools is due to be released in July.


Self-Reflection as a Vehicle for the Transformation of the Montessori Educator


Reflection is a powerful practice that is often underutilized in the busy day-to-day lives of educators. This workshop introduces a new self-reflection tool designed collaboratively by a group of Montessori teacher trainers and coaches to be used both in teacher preparation programs as well as in schools. The goal is to introduce the importance of reflection in training and to continue it beyond training into educator's lives in schools. Please join us to explore the reflection tool and learn about the pilot program.

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