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Montessori Elementary Educator

Ellen Feather has worked in an Elementary Montessori classroom for 13 years. With a background in performance and activism, a career as a Cosmic Storyteller was a perfect fit.

Ellen has always viewed her work with children as a method for societal and global change with the hope to develop cultures of stewardship, equity, innovation, compassion, and self-reflection. Ellen views education as a powerful vehicle for solving some of the world's most overwhelming problems.

Ellen is now exploring how virtual teaching can expand and develop Maria Montessori's original goal to educate the human potential.


Montessori and the Cosmic Task

Where does Virtual Montessori Teaching fit into the future of Montessori? This year has proved that teaching remotely has been effective for many teachers and children. How do we ensure we are not sacrificing Cosmic Education and stay true to Maria Montessori's original ideals while also providing access to Montessori in an entirely new way.

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