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Founder and Chief Strategy Officer, Montessori Model U.N


Judith Cunningham is the Founder and Chief Strategy Officer of Montessori Model UN. Judith founded MMUN to help students find their voices, take action and build peace. This program is poised for the possible by aligning the idealism and capacity of adolescents to understand global problems, to identify local problems that break their hearts and then to take action to have an impact on the world they want.

Judith holds an AMI Elementary Diploma, a Master’s Degree in Education, post graduate work in Alternative Dispute Resolution. She is a board member of Montessori Europe and Youth for a Better World. Prior experience includes 17 years as a Montessori teacher for elementary and middle school, 15 years as a Montessori Head of School in the US and Canada, and 16 years as a Teacher Trainer.

Montessori's Vision of Peace: Sustainability, Solidarity and Social Justice

Dr Maria Montessori fought against all forms of discrimination, advocated for social justice through the reform of society. She is recognized as a peace activist and nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize here times. Recognized as the Forgotten Activist Hero, this webinar will document the Social Mission of the young Maria Montessori and follow the development of her pilgrimage for peace. In conclusion, we will explore what advice she would have for us today given rampant social injustice, threats to human rights, the increase in nationalism, challenges to scientific thinking and devastation of the environment, and how to utilize that advice in the classroom.


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