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AMI International Trainer,

Montessori School Administrator Course

Father of three grown-up Montessori children, Julien Lamorte had a first career in the fields of economic development and urban planning. Having discovered Montessori education as a parent at the Montessori School of Lyon founded and directed by Françoise Neri, he gradually became more involved in this community. In 2014, he was part of the creation then management team of the Collège Maria Montessori des Aiglons, first French establishment offering a community life according to the Erdkinder project.


Passionate about project management and management, he has committed himself for several years into the field of Montessori school management, with the objective of bringing Montessori values into line with daily practices with children and adults. After working along with Christine Harrison, Cathy Swan and Bill Conway, he became in 2020 an AMI international trainer, for the Montessori School Administrator course.

Montessori education as a pathway for resilience for adolescents during times of pandemic (FRENCH)

Due to long, multiple or repetitive lockdowns and the closure of schools for long periods, the Covid-19 pandemic has deprived children from going to schools. This was bad news for education in general, but when you consider adolescents, one couldn’t imagine a more dramatic impact. Actually adolescence could be considered as a highly-sensitive period for human contact, meeting with peers and learning how to live into society. So what happens when you deprive a human being from one of its most-essentials needs? This could dramatically affect the construction of the future adult. Damage will be heavy for sure.


Fortunately, Montessori education can provide ways to lower this impact, and support every adolescent into adapting to these circumstances. It cannot delete the effect of the crisis, but it can certainly help to remove some of the obstacles the adolescents would face on their pathway to adulthood.

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