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Elementary Trainer-Indpendent Contractor, Speaker, Writer

Margaret is an Elementary trainer for the Prepared Montessorian. She attended Montessori as a child for four years. After an undergraduate degree in history, she pursued elementary teacher training in Bergamo, Italy. She spent more than 35 years in Montessori education, including establishing the first Canadian Montessori middle school. She embraced roles in Montessori leadership including head of school, teacher trainer and the Canadian Council of Montessori Administrators Director of School Accreditation. She has two adult children who attribute their success, in part, to their Montessori experiences. In 2019, she completed an MFA in creative non-fiction writing to pen her memoir about Montessori's impact on her life. "A World of Difference" is in progress looking for a publishing home. She serves on two boards for food literacy with children. She also enjoys cooking, gardening, yoga, cycling, skiing, hiking and being with family and friends.


One of the best ways to prepare children for the 21st Century? Montessori Pedagogy

Through stories, personal experience and some current data on education, this keynote/talk makes the case that one of the best ways to prepare children and students of all ages for the future is by following the principles of Montessori. And those principles offer students a better opportunity to develop critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, communication, compassion, adaptability and autonomy.

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