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63525-Speaker Headshots-Discovering the

Founder, Beautiful Mind  

Maria brings a wealth of educational management and school operating experience, having built her own group of bilingual Montessori schools, Beautiful Minds, in Paris. Prior to discovering Montessori and getting her 3-6 and Elementary training with AMI, Maria had a corporate career with GE. 


Building a Montessori school as a self-organizing community

“The children were working as if I did not exist…”-Maria Montessori

Montessori classrooms are examples of self-organizing communities, driven by the natural urge of children to learn and to grow, providing them with choices in a safe and loving environment within the framework of freedom and responsibility.

Key principles of Montessori environments are not just educational principles. Their meaning is much deeper as they go back to the essence of human life and the human tendencies described by Maria Montessori. 

If we apply the same principles to a Montessori school as a whole, we can also build a self-managing organization where leadership and power are shared among the team members. Everybody becomes a leader.

In this workshop we will look into the basic principles of self-managing organizations, how to build culture, design processes, structures and meetings that are striving for wholeness and tune in with the evolutionary purpose of the school. 

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