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Positive Discipline Coach, AMI Certified Educator, Montessori Wine-Tasting Host 


Melissa McEhill is a Positive Discipline parent coach and AMI-certified educator, who has taught children aged 10 weeks to 18 years old in the UK, US and China. Before becoming an educator, McEhill worked as a Wine Buyer at a London-based chain of restaurants. "I knew I wanted to be a teacher since I was eight, but I wanted to do something different first. I was at a champagne bar with my friends after graduating from university, and the concierge taught us about how wines had different flavors depending on where they were from. I was enchanted." After gaining several wine qualifications, McEhill was halfway through the Wine & Spirits Education Trust diploma when she decided to move on and follow her dream of working with children. "With the time commitment and financial investment, I knew that if I completed the diploma, I'd be in the wine industry for life. That was the moment I knew I had to start my teaching career — but wine will always be a great passion." We are delighted to welcome McEhill to this year's conference as she presents a Montessori wine tasting. 

Live Workshop
Montessori Wine-Tasting

Learn how to get the most out of every glass of wine


What you will need:

A glass of wine, pen and paper


What you will learn:

How to taste wine like a professional wine taster


Ability level:

This wine tasting is aimed at beginners, but may still be enjoyable for seasoned wine drinkers who want to brush up on their tasting skills

What makes this wine tasting Montessori?

This wine tasting draws upon the key principles of Montessori pedagogy to deepen your understanding of wine. It emphasizes independence, values individuality, and is presented by a teacher whose job is to guide, not lead.


How does that differ from normal wine tastings?

Wine tastings are usually teacher-centered, and move at a pace which is  independent of the participants' understanding and interests. The focus is on covering a set of wines rather than offering the group practical wine tasting skills.

This wine tasting is not suitable for those who are pregnant or breastfeeding. However, you are still welcome to join the tasting without drinking wine. You are also welcome to bring a non-alcoholic beverage in order to learn about the mechanics of wine tasting without the wine. Please bear in mind that the constant talk about wine during the tasting might make you crave a glass.

Non-alcoholic drink recommendations: zero alcohol wine, zero alcohol sparkling cider, grape juice, or orange juice

Unsuitable non-alcoholic alternatives: water, hot drinks

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