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As automation and AI increasingly take over all routine tasks, the best preparation for careers and life is an educational pathway which cultivates high levels of initiative, independent thought, and developing the skills associated with being entrepreneurial in all aspects of life.  While the Montessori primary model is over one hundred years old, the core principles of Montessori pedagogy are more effectively aligned with the world of future work than is standard education.  In addition, the rapid pace of change and associated disorientation of life, including the constant onslaught of social media and technology, implies that it is more important than ever to be firmly grounded in warm, supportive communities in which young people have the opportunity to discover who they are.  Thus Montessori education can also serve as a model environment for developing social and emotional well-being and stability that will serve a young person long after they leave formal schooling.  This talk will articulate how fundamental Montessori principles provide a solid foundation for professional success and personal well-being in the 21st century.

Montessori K12:  A Proven Model for 21st Century Career and Life Preparation

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