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Founder of GLC Edutrip, Co-founder of LittleDavos-Montessori at Home , Montessori Lead Guide -

My name is Nanli Zhao. I am a full time Mom and and entrepreneur.

That means, I am a cleaner, a cook, a household helper, a caregiver,a tutor and a home-based self-employee. I am the founder of LittleDavos-Montessori for Everyone.


Our vision is to bring Montessori parenting philosophy to Chinese families.

I used to be a teacher in international schools in Thailand, China and Malaysia. Education has always been my passion in life. My son was born at 26 weeks in 2017 when I was joining a Montessori teacher's training programme in China. After he was born, I decided to practice what I have learned about Montessori at home. The more I implement the Montessori approach at home, the more confident and relaxed I become. I started to notice many beautiful things in daily life.
Together with my son, we discovered that the snail has its eyes on the antenna. We were amazed by the beautiful and shining dew on the spider web after the rain. We explore the different patterns of leaves , the stones and the trees in the nature. We were fascinated by the bees that are wrapped by the pollen. By applying Montessori way of parenting, I have become an eco friendly Mom. Everything at home has become great material for my son to explore and to learn.
My practise at home has given me strength and inspiration to start Montessori for Everyone online parenting programme for Chinese parents one year ago. Together with my Montessori mentor, we organise seminars to share how to transfer the home environment into educational inspiration. How to include our children into our life. And how to grow together with our children. I am very sure that this is going to be my lifelong dedication and I would like to share my passion and my inspiration for Montessorian as a Mom. Every family matters! Thank you!


Discover the Surprises by Following the Child

1: Finding the forgotten beautiful elements of our world with the children: -

How adults in fast-paced life lose the beauty of our sensors - Children, the explorers that inspire us to regain the beauty of our sensors-
2: Eco friendly family brings creativity and fun to children:- Provide an environment and let the children find the multi-functional usage and fun in our house.- A guidance to expand educational play at home

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