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Montessori Adolescent & Theory Trainer

PETER PICHÉ is Montessori MACTE-credentialed (Primary, Elementary I-II,) educator and founded and designed the Secondary I Montessori program at Montessori Community School in Durham, NC, after attending Great Work's (formerly the North American Montessori Teacher Association's) Orientation to Montessori Adolescence program. He has served on Montessori Independent School Boards, accreditation teams, chaired accreditation teams; and also sat on the AMS School Accreditation Commission. In addition to getting his professional coaching certification from iPEC, NJ, (Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching) he holds a Masters in Education. Formerly he served as a consultant to the American Montessori Society for their Pathway of Continuous School Improvement program. 

He is a trained Life and Leadership Coach, certified with the International Coaching Federation as an Associate Certified Coach and has coached Montessori school leaders across the United States. 


Mental Fitness for Montessorians in any role


Mental fitness is defined as one's capacity to handle life's challenges with a positive mindset rather than a negative one. Montessori believed people were heroic and with the right environment and habits of mind could find the opportunity and gift in any situation. We will learn simple strategies to reach your peak performance, improve ALL your relationships with adults and children, and further your ability to achieve consistent peace of mind. 


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