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Rahul Raghavan founded and teaches at PEP Schoolv2, a Montessori school in Bangalore, India. 

Montessori has a fabled history in India, particularly given the many years Dr Montessori spent here during World War II. Despite this background & widespread name recognition, Montessori is not yet mainstream in India. Through PEP, Rahul is working towards building a network of Indian Montessori schools that changes this. Before being inspired by Montessori's vision, Rahul worked in social impact venture capital & e-commerce. He holds degrees from the elite Indian Institute of Technology Madras, and the Indian Institute of Management Bangalore.

Founder, PEPSchoolv2 (Bangalore, India)

Montessori in India, and Live Workshop on Montessori Elementary Curriculum: Introducing Concepts of Data Science and Statistics

The Montessori elementary curriculum (as offered in training courses) has been static. Over the decades, gaps in the curriculum have only grown. 


For e.g., Montessori math offers pathways into algebra, trigonometry & calculus; but there is no parallel pathway into probability & statistics. This despite the fact that Montessori materials are perfectly suited for data-oriented work! 

I want to offer a vision of how guides can ideate & fill such gaps independently via Montessori materials & principles 


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