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I am a nurse, doula, content creator and blogger.. unique skill set, I know! Most importantly (to me) a mom to the sweetest little boy known as King. I discovered Montessori when I was pregnant with King, learning about different parenting styles—something I didn’t know much about. A few months into my Montessori at home journey, I decided I wanted to document my way of doing Montessori and thus the @montessorimelaninmamas Instagram account was born. I am so passionate about children having joyful childhoods and being free to grow into their authentic selves. I’m honored to be able to share how Montessori helps them to do that with the community that has chosen to follow me, even if it’s unfamiliar to them! 

Parenting Influencer @montessorimelaninmamas

Diversity in Montessori Online

Join Raye Parris as she discusses her own personal journey to implementing Montessori at home with her son, the challenges she has faced choosing to parent differently than the norm in her culture, how the lack of diversity online affected her start, and why she feels so deeply about all children being represented in the community! You don’t want to miss this timely conversation.

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