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Senior Director of Program Development, Academy of Thought and Industry

Rivkah Schack is on a mission to apply systems thinking and scientific practice to development of the current Montessori model. Her journey began when she sold her thriving management accounting firm back in 2004 to found her first Montessori school in Chicago, Illinois, with her husband, Moshe.  After successfully applying scientific research and elements of the Montessori Method to work with a wide spectrum of students, she moved to New York and co-founded a Montessori school for students in Children's House through Adolescent.  In 2017, she went on to co-develop a boy's high school with a group of student-founders.  In addition to currently serving as the Head of School for Guidepost-ATI Museum Mile (NYC) , she is the Senior Director of Program Development for the Academy of Thought and Industry.  She is also one of the key developers of the Visible Classroom, a high-definition video project aimed at gathering real-time classroom data to mentor teachers and personalize learning for every student. Her whole family is involved as teachers and students in Montessori education, and the Schack family spends every spare minute voraciously reading and traveling the world while also camping and hiking.


A bird's eye view on the classroom: Does video belong in the prepared environment


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