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Professor, New England Montessori Teacher Training Center

Bachelor's in Chinese literature, Diploma in Spanish Language, and a Masters and Doctorate degree in early childhood education from the University of Southern Illinois.

Professor of Montessori Institute- New England Teacher Training Institute and New England Montessori Teacher Training Center, Boston, USA, has been training American kindergarten teachers for a long time since 2000.

For 20 years, she has been continuously engaged in the first-line teaching work for children aged 0-3 and 3-6 years old in Boston, USA.

For the school where she worked, she created a bilingual teaching department (Language Immersion Program). She was the director of the Harborlight Montessori Foreign Language Teaching Department (Director of World Language Program). In addition to leading various foreign language teaching courses from the "Children's Department" to the "Secondary Department", she also personally teaches foreign language teaching from early childhood to elementary school, and also conducts bilingual teaching aid design, curriculum development and classroom management in English, Spanish, and Chinese.

Employed as a preschool Chinese overseas education consultant for the Mother Tongue Department of the Ministry of Education of Singapore from 2012 to 2016, mainly engaged in the review of teaching materials for second language teaching, and training of Chinese teachers in kindergartens directly under the Ministry of Education.

  • Since 2017, we have carried out the creation, planning and guidance of "Montessori Education and Bilingual Schools" for different units and institutions in China and the United States. Tutoring for 18 public and private schools successively, planning foreign language teaching, corner game teaching, and Montessori teaching implementation and teacher training.

For more than 30 years, she has been committed to promoting parent-child reading, picture book teaching, and parent-child education. In addition to serving as a picture book judge, book translator, and engaged in reading teaching and parent-child education book writing.

  • Since 2017, she has served as the dean of the "Yueya Academy" of Shenzhen Aiyue Foundation, responsible for planning the courses of the school and training professional reading promoters for public welfare.

  • Since 2018, she has served as the dean of the "Dolphin Academy" of Wuhan Dolphin Media, presided over the creation of educational concepts, the development of teaching programs and the formation of expert teams.


"Children's Books, Not Children's Books" 1994/2014 (Universal Light/Social Science Literature)

"Little Book Lovers: The Reading World of 0-3 Years Old Children" 2002/2021 (Taiwan Xinyi / Simplified version issued in 2021)

"Let children be at ease to be themselves" 2012/2015 (Parent-Child World/Dolphin-Yangtze River Children)

"Take You To Grow Up" 2014/2015 (Parent-Child World/Dolphin-Yangtze River Children)

"Let Babies Love Books: Reading Behavior Magnifying Glass for 0-3 Years Old Children" 2014/2021 (Taiwan Xinyi / Simplified version issued this year)

"Twenty Years Later-Tentative" 2021 (Parent and Child World)

Global Perspectives on Language Development Strategies for Children (CN) 

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