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Program Director, Saint Nicholas Montessori College

Siobhán spent 8 years working as a Montessori teacher in a school catering for children aged 2 ½  -9 years. In 2008 Siobhan began lecturing part time at Saint Nicholas Montessori College and in 2011 was appointed year head for stage 2 on a full-time basis. In 2016 Siobhán was appointed Programme Director of the level 7 B.A in Montessori Education. In 2019 the following successful validation, Saint Nicholas Montessori College launched its new B.Ed Montessori Programme and Siobhán was appointed Programme Director of this new programme. Siobhán lecturers in all areas of Montessori education from birth- 12 years as well as Professional practice, Montessori placement, creativity, and ICT in the Early years.


The Next Plane of Montessori Education 


An innovative program at St. Nicholas Montessori College combines the fields of Montessori, psychology, cognitive science, and gerontology to prepare students to engage with individuals in the next plane of development.  This presentation will provide examples of how to apply the Montessori philosophy to meet the unique needs of elders and people living with dementia. Reflections, observations, and real-life examples will be provided to illustrate how Montessori professionals can draw on and adapt Montessori core principles to improve the quality of life of the elderly. 

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