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Speaker Tech Onboarding

Thank you again for offering your valuable time and knowledge to contribute to this conference. In order to optimize the conference attendee experience, we are using Hopin - a leading virtual event platform - as the main platform for our event. This onboarding page you walk you through both the attendee experience using Hopin, as well as how you will join the conference as a speaker, whether you are presenting live or pre-recorded. 

Please follow the written instructions and watch the embedded videos. If you have any questions, please reach out to us at anytime. 

Step 1

Step 2

Find your talk location

Screen Shot 2021-06-18 at 10.29.17 PM.png
Screen Shot 2021-06-18 at 10.29.23 PM.png
Talk locaton


Get to know Hopin as an attendee

Remember to register for the conference yourself!

Register for FREE using the following link:

On the event day, join the Discovering the Child event here:

Here is a short video walking you through the Hopin platform as an attendee.


Reception is the first page you will see. This is where you will find an overview of the event, including a schedule. The page goes live when the event begins. You can check back on this page at any time during the event. Use the Event chat on the right to share your thoughts and comments with everyone during the event. Use the People tab to hold private chats with event attendees.


Stages are where most of the talks will be streamed. During the event, presentations and panels (LIVE and Pre-Recorded) will happen on Stage 1 and Stage 2. Check the schedule in Reception for timings. Use the Stage chat to share thoughts and comments with everyone viewing the presentations and panels on the Stage.


Sessions will appear 5 minutes before the scheduled start time – check the schedule in Reception for timings. If you are presenting in Session, be ready to join your Session 5 minutes before scheduled time. Here you can share your audio and video to join the Session stage and allow Session participants to do the same. You can also use the Session chat to ask questions and engage with Session participants.

Where will my talk be? Check out the table at the top of this page


Networking is open throughout the event. This is like a "speed dating" experience where you can meet with someone else at the conference in a 3-minute long 1:1 video chat.  You will be matched up with event attendees at random. Use this tab to make valuable connections at this event. Our attendees will be thrilled to meet the speakers here.


The Expo is open throughout the event. This is where partners' virtual booths and Conference Helpdesk are located. Visit the Expo and use the Booth chat to engage with booth operators and visitors during the event. 


For speakers who present Live on Hopin Stage 1 or 2

Use the Streamyard link in your calendar invite (starting with to join 15 minutes before the start time. DO NOT open Hopin Stage.

Open ONLY the window on Google Chrome for Streamyard link. Close ALL windows and applications on your laptop.

Streamyard is the live broadcasting studio we will use to make your talk live on Hopin. If you are doing a live talk, live Q&A, or live panel discussion (see table for details) on Hopin Stage 1 or 2, you will use this method to present live. Please watch the video to view the experience of joining Streamyard broadcasting studio.

Written instructions on steps to present live on Stage

Video instructions on how to present live on Stage 

Hopin Stage
Attendee experience
Hopin Sessions


For speakers who present Live on Hopin Sessions

Join on Hopin Sessions 5-10 minutes before your session begins. Make sure you register and join the event on Hopin before you join your Session.

Many of our live, interactive workshops will be hosted on Sessions, which provides a more intimate environment for the speaker to interact with his or her audience. The speaker will be live within the Hopin platform and can see the Chat and Q&A tabs live right in the same window. If your workshop is in Session (see table for details), please check out the following instructions.

Written instructions on access your Session on Hopin

Video instructions on how to present live in Hopin Session 

Speaker Backstage


For speakers whose talks are pre-recorded but want to meet the audience live

30 minutes after the streaming of your pre-recorded talk, we encourage you to join the dedicated "Speaker Backstage" in Sessions to meet with the audience and answer any questions. No need to plan ahead. Just send a message in Chat telling everyone you'll be available for Q&A in Speaker Backstage and go there to meet the audience.

Written instructions on access Speaker Backstage on Hopin

Video instructions on how to access Speaker Backstage

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