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Board Member, Montessori Europe


Wendelien Bellinger is co-founder of Montessori Musings UK, an online community bringing together Montessorians from across the world, and a member of the Board of Montessori Europe. After the birth of her daughter, Wendelien retrained to become a Montessori Early Years Teacher, leaving her previous profession in PR and event management behind. She worked as a Deputy Head and Special Educational Needs Coordinator at a London nursery for several years, before joining Montessori Centre International where she worked as a Teacher Trainer. 

Passionate about ensuring that education supports children to develop the skills and the mindset to flourish, Wendelien believes that the essence of the Montessori philosophy holds the key to the transformation education so badly needs. As a member of its Board, Wendelien works to ensure that Montessori Europe connects Montessorians in Europe and beyond, meeting the needs of its community and, ultimately, the children it thereby serves. By joining our voices, we can work together to ensure education helps guide our children to cope with the complexities and uncertainties of the modern world in the 21st Century. 

Workshop with Barbara Isaacs

Following the Child: The Heart of Montessori Education

What do, so often heard Montessori phrases, ‘following the child’, ‘nurturing the spirit’, ‘giving children and young people voice and agency’ mean today?  

How have the recent world events and fast emerging artificial intelligences affected the children of today? What does Montessori education offer the children of today in preparation for tomorrow? How relevant is the sustainability agenda to Montessori’s vision of cosmic education? What contribution does the European Montessori community make to the current global interest in Montessori education? 

Join Wendelien Bellinger and Barbara Isaacs, members of the Board of Montessori Europe, in conversation as they explore these questions, and invite you to ask some more.


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